Optus Network Providers: What are the best phone plans on the Optus network?

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The Optus phone network is home to more mobile service providers than any other, meaning you have plenty of choice if you’re looking for a plan withOptuscoverage. While Optus owns and operates the network, the telco giant sells the use of its infrastructure to numerous smaller mobile carriers which are known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

So, if you’re thinking of switching plans, but love the speed and service you’re currently receiving with the Optus network, you may want to consider one of these many third-party providers. We’ve reviewed some of the best providers and theirSIM-only mobile planson the Optus network to help see you through. Read on for all the details, or jump straight into ourmobile phone comparison toolto find a great deal.

Best mobile plans using the Optus network

Optus might not be the cheapest telco around, but if you’re looking tosave money on your phone bill, you can choose a cheap phone plan from one of the many MVNOs on the Optus network. Many of these MVNOs have plans for under $10 with generous inclusions and if you’re big on data, you’ll be able to find big data inclusions for $30 and under.

Optus network postpaid plans compared

The table below shows a selection of comparable postpaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard advertised monthly cost, lowest to highest, then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Please use ourcomprehensive mobile phone plan comparison toolto see a wider range of postpaid plans from other providers. These are products with links to referral partners.

Optus network prepaid plans compared

The table below shows a selection of comparable prepaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard advertised monthly cost, lowest to highest, then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use ourcomprehensive phone plan comparison toolto see a wider range of prepaid plans from other providers. These are products with links to referral partners.

Phone Providers on the Optus Network

If you’re looking for great value for money on a mobile plan, there are over ten standout providers on the Optus network all jostling for your attention, including Optus itself, as well as well-known telcos such as Amaysim, Dodo and iPrimus. But did you know there are many more telcos to choose from?

The leading mobile providers that use the Optus network include:

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is one of the cheapest Optus network providers, with a range of plans on 12-month or no lock-in contracts. Typically, Moose Mobile’s plans are some of the cheapest on the market, but if you’re willing to sign on for 12 months, you’ll get a bit more data for your money. For example, 25GB of data is priced at $23.80 on a month-to-month plan, but $22 on a 12-month contract. Moose’s other plans are fairly competitive too, with data going all the way up to 75GB on the $44 12-month plan, with some great value on mid-level plans. Keep an eye out for any discounts for new customers as this telco is known to drop plan prices to as little as 1c or free! The below table includes links to a referral partner.

南方的电话was awarded the2021 Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction awardfor Postpaid Mobile SIM-Only Plans.

  • Cheap unlimited, no lock-in plans
  • Incentives for signing up for 12 months
  • Big data plans under $50


南方的电话is a provider with a noble cause, in that some of its profits go to regional/rural councils to help build local telecommunications infrastructure. Not only does Southern Phone provide services to regional communities but it provides some pretty competitive postpaid phone plans too. All of its postpaid plans come with unlimited standard national calls and texts, which is a solid inclusion given the small entry price of $10. There are six standard month-to-month plans to choose from, with international call inclusions on the Medium, Large and Extra Large plans. Southern Phone also offers a separate range of 5G-ready SIM only plans, along with mobile handsets. The below table includes links to a referral partner.

南方的电话was awarded the 2019 Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction award for Postpaid Mobile SIM-Only Plans.

  • Month-to-month plans available
  • International call inclusions on select plans
  • Range of mobile phones available


Amaysim is one of the best-known and most popular Optus network providers out there, delivering great value on all of its SIM only prepaid plans. Amaysim offers six prepaid plans with 28 day expiry, with unlimited calls and texts and some great data inclusions. Amaysim is owned by Optus after it was acquired in 2021, although its plans are considerably different from the more expensive plans Optus provides. The increasing price points simply reflect the additional data as well as international inclusions, making these plans easy to compare. While the lowest-level plan offers good value for money, the 80GB plan is the one that really shines at $50, which is less than $1 per 1GB over 28 days. Every Amaysim plan includes unlimited data banking, storing your unused data for when you need it later. The below table includes links to a referral partner.

  • 80GB of data for $50
  • $12 plan includes 2GB of data
  • Plans expire after 28 days instead of 30


最著名的互联网服务提供商,渡渡鸟也进攻rs a small but competitive range of postpaid mobile plans. Dodo’s mobile arm includes three plans on month-to-month no lock-in contracts, with free SIM cards and no setup fees. Its cheapest plan is priced at a low $10 per month for unlimited talk and text to national numbers, unlimited international texts and MMS, and 2GB of data. Dodo’s two larger plans also include 100 minutes of international calls to selected countries, plus larger data allowances. The table below includes links to a referral partner.

  • Cheap $10, 2GB plan
  • International call and text inclusions
  • Simple month-to-month plans with unlimited standard national calls and SMS


Vaya has a reputation for providingvalue-packed phone plansat some of the cheapest prices around. The small, budget telco has a concise range of month-to-month phone plans. All plans have unlimited standard national calls and SMS and as for data, there are some fairly generous inclusions across all plans, especially if you want a plan with big data as you can pick up 64GB for $56 per month.

  • 64GB of data on the $56 plan
  • Month-to-month plans only

Catch Connect

Catch Connect is still a reasonably new provider in this list, and you’ve probably heard of ‘Catch’ before. Catch, as you might know, is an online retailer with staggering discounts and on-the-spot sales. The company has a series of low-cost, prepaid phone plans with six plans on offer over 30, 90 and 365-day expiry periods. If you prefer the shorter 30-day plan, $15 will get you a fairly generous 18GB of data — getting that much data for that price is usually only found on postpaid plans. If you’re happy with a longer expiry period, $29 will get you 20GB of data over 90 days, $120 will get you 60GB of data over 365 days and $120 will get you 120GB of data to use over a 365 day expiry period.

Choosing a plan over 90 or 365 days may save you some money, but users must also be cautious not to use their whole data pool before their three months or a year is up! It’s also worth noting that all plans include unlimited standard national talk and text. You should also keep an eye out to see if there are any discounts on offer as the telco is known to offer generous discounts for new services every now and then. The below table includes links to a referral partner.

  • Generous 18GB data on offer for $15 30 Day Plan
  • Discounts by prepaying for 90 or 365 days upfront
  • Unlimited standard national calls and SMS on all plans


One of the newer MVNOs to hit the Aussie market, Circles.Life is a Singapore-based telco making waves internationally. As Singapore’s fastest-growing telco, the company has expanded to Taiwan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and now Australia as of 2019. Circles.Life offers a simple approach to postpaid plans with one month-to-month plan available for $28 per month with 20GB of data. You can then add more data on to that plan, with 40GB of data for $38 per month. You might find offers such as discounts or bonus data from time to time, so keep an eye out. The table below includes links to a referral partner.

  • One base plan with options to add more data for additional cost
  • $28 includes 20GB of data as standard
  • Month-to-month, no lock-in plans


Yomojo is staking its claim in the prepaid sector with some solid phone plans. The prices are reasonable but you might find more data with other providers. Although they do offer a solid Kids Plan at $9.90 for 1GB of data and 200 minutes of standard national calls and you can get 5GB of data for under $20. Its biggest data offer is 70GB for $45.90. You can also stand to save a bit for the family if you choose to bundle two or more SIM cards.

  • 35GB of data for under $30 (over 30 days)
  • Family Bundles allow you to combine plans and save
  • Kids plan for under $10


Best-known for providinggreat-value home broadband services, Exetel also offers four different SIM-only phone plans with quality inclusions. With unlimited calls on all of its no lock-in plans, Exetel is rightly proud of its straightforward products designed to appeal to all Australians. You’ll have a good range of plans to choose from with the cheapest offering unlimited standard calls and texts, along with 3GB data for $16. The below table includes links to a referral partner.

  • 3GB data for $16 per month
  • Four phone plans to choose from under $35
  • International call value on select plans


Owned by the same company that runs Dodo, iPrimus might be more of a familiar name when it comes to broadband plans, but you will find three simple SIM-only phone plans to choose from. While iPrimus has plans which are more of a middle-price than other Optus providers, it does offer fairly generous data and international call inclusions for the price. All plans are on 12-month contracts and your international call and data inclusions will increase the more you spend.

  • Three postpaid 12-month plans at mid-level prices
  • Generous data inclusions on all plans
  • International call inclusions on all plans


A subsidiary of Optus itself, Gomo keeps things simple by only offering three prepaid plans. With Gomo, you can get 8GB for $15, 40GB for $25, or 60GB for $35, all over thirty-day periods with no lock-in contracts. Unlimited international calls to 15 selected countries are also included on $25 and $35 plans.

  • Three plans over a 30 day period
  • International calls included selected plans
  • A $5 data boost is available on all plans, giving you 5GB extra data

Coles Mobile

All three major grocery chains in Australia provide phone plans (ALDI and Woolworths both operate on the Telstra network), but Coles Mobile stacks up well against its rivals. Coles has prepaid plans across different expiry periods– $10 for 10 days, $20 for 35 days, $40 over 35 days and $180 over 365 days. All plans include unlimited standard national calls and SMS with data starting at 1GB for 10 days and going up to 48GB over 365 days. You can also recharge with your Flybuys points and the $40 recharge includes 250 standard international minutes to 10 countries. There are also international call packs and extra data that you can add on as needed.

  • Four plans, which run over 10, 35 or 365 day expiry
  • International call value included on one plan
  • Data and international call packs will cost extra to add on


SpinTelhas been around for quite a while, but that doesn’t mean it has lost touch when it comes to mobile plans. The telco has a small range of SIM-only postpaid plans on month-to-month plans with data starting at 5GB and going up to 200GB. While there is a $10 SIM card activation fee, this is sometimes waived for new customers. The two most expensive plans include 5G access.

  • Month-to-month plans only
  • Unlimited standard national SMS on all plans
  • 5G access on selected plans


Of course, we couldn’t write a review of phone plans on the Optus network without mentioning the network operator itself. It goes without saying that the telco giant provides a fairly comprehensive range of phone plans – especially when including prepaid and postpaid options. The postpaid SIM-only plans from Optus start at $45 per month for 20GB of data, and go up to $85 for 240GB. Postpaid phone plans from Optus also include ‘endless’ data — once you’ve used up your included data amount, you can keep using your data but at the capped speed of 1.5Mbps.

In addition to strong data offerings, the big selling point of these plans is that most plans include data-free sports streaming, and if you time it right, there might be special deals available, like discounts or bonus data.

澳都斯确实有更多的计划,including prepaid (over both long and short expiry periods), in addition to a range of phone on a plan options. You can pick up the latest devices from the big players, including iPhone and Samsung phones, select your payment period (12, 24 or 36 months) and bundle with a postpaid plan. Many of the plans will include access to data-free sports streaming and other entertainment extras.

  • Impressive data inclusions at mid-range price points
  • Build-your-own plans provide the ultimate phone plan flexibility
  • 计划和设备来满足所有的需求

Who offers the best value on the Optus network?

If you’re after the best mobile plans using the Optus network, there truly is a huge selection of great value offers to choose from. This article doesn’t include all of the plans available from all providers, so there are even more plans available for you to choose from.

When it comes to postpaid plans, it’s hard to beat Moose Mobile, Southern Phone, Vaya and Exetel at different price points and for different reasons. If prepaid is what you’re after, you’ll find great value with Amaysim’s top-level plans if you’re data hungry, while Catch Connect has a simplified selection of plans on different expiry periods.

But, if you’re after a new phone on a plan, Optus is hard to beat with its selection of premium smartphones from the big names. Optus has some of the best deals when it comes to decent value for what you pay for a mobile plan.

When it comes to choosing your phone plan, it really comes down to what you want for your money, and what your needs really are, along with whether you want prepaid or postpaid. If you’re not a big data user, you can easily go for one of the cheaper plans, but if data and extras is what you need, you’ll be looking at the pricier end of the spectrum. There’s also great value on offer on the mid-level plans, so it helps to shop around.

Optus, while generally more expensive, does have the widest range of plan types and some of the most generous inclusions around, so you’ll need to weigh up whether low prices or plan inclusions are what you’re after. However, if you want to explore more plan options across other mobile networks, Canstar Blue allows youcompare mobile phone plansfrom over 30 other providers to help you find the right mobile phone plan for you.

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